I am a Brooklyn based painter/ interdisciplinary artist and architect.

The deepest thread of connection among the different strands of my work is dealing with complexity and the task of sorting. My practice approaches complexity from two directions: in painting, I work with my hands to document my surroundings, later expanding on these observations. In my interdisciplinary work, starting from ideas (such as social/political divisions) I make physical structures which can offer insight by displaying and examining data .

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1. Painting in Dubravica, Slovakia,
2. Castle closer, oil on linen, 38 x 72 (inches)

Through painting, I investigate my surroundings, connecting my inner and outer experiences.

I started painting outdoors from direct observation mainly as a way to focus on abstraction. The mark-making can be fast, like a hypothesis. Looking for the painting’s associations and energy between sessions is an important part of my process. This can sometimes bring me far from the starting point, so that returning to the motif, there is a challenge and the back and forth can be repeated over time. I try to hold to reality until an “intervention” of structure or imagination cannot be removed. Ideally the painting will contain narratives and suggestions of space that are different from what might otherwise be imagined.


Above: Iraq Spin, kinetic sculpture: wood blocks, text decals, plastic gears, 6 x 12x 2 (inches) 2005.

Iraq Spin displays media quotes from the run- up to the Iraq War, using a system of gears.

I make interdisciplinary projects which encourage viewers to think deeply about complex issues.

These projects are based on history, texts, political dialog, and peace activism. (Click on the buttons to see links to projects.)