I am a Brooklyn based painter/interdisciplinary artist and architect.

The deepest thread of connection among the different strands of my work is dealing with complexity and the task of sorting. My practice approaches complexity from two directions: in painting, I work with my hands to document my surroundings, later expanding on these observations. In my interdisciplinary work, starting from ideas (such as social/political divisions) I make physical structures which can offer insight by displaying and examining data .

Most of my larger scale paintings are plein air pieces that I work on both outdoors and in the studio, in a back and forth process. Ideally the material qualities of a painting will create narratives and suggestions that are different from what might otherwise be imagined.

My interdisciplinary work aims to find common ground among people who may see themselves as far apart using “data” drawn from texts of well renowned newspapers and publications and my own interviews. These projects have included VOP a cross-country survey to discover a voice of the people which encompasses a range of views rather than a winner take all contest between opposing narratives, a teaching artist residency based on Stud’s Terkyl’s, Working” and a kinetic sculpture which showed different texts and phrases in the media coverage of the Iraq War.

Currently, paintings are available at Curina and Saatchiart.