Smoke and Mirrors

In order to make sense of the complex geopolitical tragedy that we are living through, we must always remember that the STRONG use every opportunity to dominate the WEAK (aka public) and that the STRONG use their power to convince the WEAK to share the perspective of the STRONG.

The proposed installation is a visualization of how the STRONG have convinced the public that military aid to Ukraine, encouraging them to fight to the last Ukrainian is the only response to the ongoing crisis, even though these events are part of a larger US project to weaken rival states (Russia, China, EU) and domestic opposition.

The tools of the STRONG are:

  1. Narrow the public’s perspective so the public will (through their generosity and sympathy) support the goals of the STRONG
  2. Erase history that doesn’t support the goals of the STRONG
  3. Obfuscate the real conflict between the STRONG and the WEAK

The proposed installation uses news headlines/ quotations drawn from unimpeachable sources (AP, Washington Post, Pew) to show both limits of a narrow point of view favored by the STRONG and the opportunity for a wider viewpoint which will help empower the WEAK to end the physical and economic violence promoted by US policies throughout the world and at home.